Relationship Freedom - Can it Be Found in Our Shadow?

You're looking for true relationship freedom along with your commitments, if you are like most practitioners of enlightened sex and relating. You pour energy and creativity into your relationship. You strive for sacred merging in sex. You get more connected, safe, trusting, intimate and loving the more time you spend together. You negotiate the stuffs of daily life and domestic living to create life partnership. Often all this works true wonders: relationship freedom of the sacred kind; sustainable, hot, loving life partnerships.

But what about when it doesn't work? What about when we experience dulling passion, boredom and frustration rather than relationship freedom? Why is it that so often where there is the intimacy, love and familiarity of long-term and life partnership, the sexual spark seems to dim, flicker and perhaps fade altogether? What gives?

Riding high in my own partnership, I am neither blind nor impervious, however, to the dismal track record of most long-term relationships - a sort of anti-relationship-freedom. I set off on a preemptive search in the most light-filled and shadowy places for some guidance for keeping both the erotic zest and the sacred intimacy flourishing in sacred sex and life partnership.