Rainbows - 7 Rays of Light

There are seven rays of light that are projected to earth from the Godhead. Each ray radiates a color and God quality to the earth. Each day of the week projects a specific ray and quality to earth. Open you hearts and minds to these qualities. Focus on the color and the God qualities as you open to receive their blessings in your life. Allow the energy of the ray to fill you with Divine Wisdom and Divine Love.

Each ray is sent from the Godhead as a Golden Beam of Light. As it is lowered from the Godhead it takes on a hue of its own. These seven rays circle the earth and provide a protection to all of mankind as they radiate their God virtues.

You see these rays of color as rainbows in your skies. Rainbows provide you with the energy to remember who you truly are. Within you is a forgotten blue print of your true purpose and essence. This is why you get excited when you see a rainbow; it fills you with joy and a remembrance of your divinity.

You see rainbows as a miracle of nature as a sign of love and hope. The splendor of seeing a rainbow lifts your soul. The child returns to your heart filled with wonder and joy. Rainbows are a blessing from the Godhead.