The Freedom of Traveling Light

My wife and I just returned from a mini vacation. This vacation was not like any other because we decided to travel light. What I mean by traveling light is that we decided to use regular backpacks only to put our clothes and travel items in. I have been doing a lot of research on simple traveling and wanted to put it in action to see how we would do for an 8 day trip to central America. Well it turns out it that using one bag was a huge success. We both managed to bring what we needed and never felt dirty or tired with what we were wearing or with our activities on our leisure time.

I discovered for myself so much freedom in traveling light. The airport was a breeze with all the security checks and customs. Anytime that we needed something it was very easy to find because all of the things we brought with us were between our feet when on the plane or in a bus. I did not worry if I forgot something because I had way less to keep track of.

To also keep with the traveling light idea we had very few plans on what we were going to do while on the trip. This was a first for myself because I tend to always want an itinerary and have things set up in advance to make sure we get the tickets needed for an event or whatever. This time it was different. We just made sure we had a place to stay and had our plane tickets. We then just took it as it came, and it was great.

We ended up meeting great people and we were invited to multiple trips to different areas of the country which we would not have been able to go if I had everything all mapped out in advanced. It was impossible for the weather to spoil our trip because we had nothing set up to do. So when it rained, which it did, we were able to enjoy it and sit inside a bar talking with the locals with out a care or sitting inside reading and relaxing with no stress. Without having an agenda we were able to be less stressed and could really enjoy our surroundings and each other much more.

Now since this was the first time traveling light we were a little unprepared for some things. So we decided to make a list of everything that we brought so that way we could take notes about what we would add or subtract from the list. We each have one and so next time we travel light we can have a reference.