Freedom - Do What You Want, When You Want

I want to talk a little bit more about freedom because like I said before I think that it is the key to life. What do we want freedom for? For one, there is freedom to create and freedom to express, like I am doing now. There is freedom to love, freedom to be empowered and to empower others, freedom to be loved and to love others. These are all key essential points of life and I believe that freedom is something that society is really craving right now especially because it is really lacking these days.

I believe that freedom to a lot of people is considered thinking "out of the box". Most can't even comprehend what real freedom is, or they just think it is too far away from their reality. With that said, let me just share some of the things that I want freedom for so that people like you can relate to what I am saying, and spark some feelings within you that will stir up that desire to be free. So, let's start with real life issues. You might have a family. I have a family. My dad just passed away and to one extent his soul and his spirit are free, because he was pretty sick in this life. So now he is free, and I think that is a good thing. There is my mom. She has a lot of physical illnesses and to have the freedom financially to pay for her to have better health would relieve a lot of stress from her life.

As you might know, health is pretty expensive if you are living in the United States and especially in California. So I would like the freedom to take care of my family. Also, I can relate to people that haven't had very much money. I feel what that does is limit the feelings of having the opportunities to create more experiences for yourself. So, I would like the freedom to be able to take my brothers and put them into a workshop or a seminar on something that they want to learn, because I want them to know that they can create wealth and abundance for themselves. That is why I created, or attracted this business because I want to do so much for my family. My family means so much to me. I have my mom and my five younger brothers and I don't know too many of my relatives.

This is my tight little family that I care so much about and I want to be able to do stuff for them. I want to be able to, yeah, buy them nice things and all that, but more than that, AFFORD to spend more time with them, to go out and enjoy life on an adventure. There is free stuff out there, I know, you can go take a walk in the park and everything and that's beautiful and you should go do that as much as possible. But I am talking about "Hey brother, here is a surprise: Tickets to Hawaii, lets go! Since it is summertime, and you don't have to be in school, let's go for a whole month." That is the kind of freedom that I desire. And I believe that if you don't have the money and you have family that is sick, or that needs an education or just wants to go out and have a vacation like they see other people doing, you need to be able to build that financial freedom, this wealth that so many people out there have.